Start and finish will take place at Stundars in Solf (Stundarsvägen 5, 65450 Solf). Link to map.


Distances, Competition Classes and Registration Fees

Registration fee
30 June – 13 August
½ Maraton 25€
10 km 20€
5 km 10€
2,5 km 5€
1,25 km 5€

N.B. ! The marathon distance is not arranged this year!

Half Marathon – the ‘Meteorite Half’

  • Men: General class, M40, M50 and M60
  • Women: General class, W40 and W50
  • Registration fee: 25 €

10 km – the ‘Meteorite Ten’

  • Men: General class, M16
  • Women: General class, W16
  • Excercise class (no timekeeping)
  • Registration fee: 20 €

5 km – the ‘Meteorite Five’

  • Excercise class without timekeeping
  • Competition class for juniors  Girls 14 / Boys 14
  • Registration feee: 10 €

2.5 km – the ‘Junior Meteorite’

  • Juniors (no age restriction)
  • No timekeeping
  • Registration fee: 5 €

1.2 km – the ‘Mini Meteorite’

  • Juniors (no age restriction)
  • No timekeeping
  • Registration fee: 5 €

Registration via the web page up until 13 August 2021

Time Schedule During the Event

The competition office and parking open at 10 am on the competition day. The cafeteria opens at 11 am.

Start times:

  • 11 am: Mini Meteorite (1.2 km) (Juniors)
  • 11.05 am: (new time) Junior Meteorite (2.5 km) (Juniors)
  • 11.10 am: (new time) Meteorite Five (exercise class and juniors)
  • 11.45 am: Meteorite Ten (10 km and exercise class)
  • 12.00 am: Meteorite Half

NB! The finish closes at 4 pm.


Preparation for Long Distance Races

Please find more information here (currently only in Finnish) on how to best prepare for a long distance race.

Awarding of Start Numbers

Start envelopes are handed out to all runners at the competition office.  The envelope contains a start number, a map of the area and a feed-back form.

Changing Facilities, Storage and Showers

Due to the pandemic situation no changing rooms or showers are available during the event this year. Bags can be stored at the competition office during the competition.

Refreshment stations

Refreshment stations will be placed at 4 km intervals. Water and sports drink (Maxim) are available at the refreshment stations.  In the event of warm weather (with a temperature in excess of 20 degrees) an unmanned refreshment station (water only) will also be available (Markvägen). Junior runners will be served cordial in the finishing area.


All marathon and half marathon runners will receive a food bag after the competition. Cafeterias are available in the competition area and in Cirkas shop in the Stundars courtyard. The cafeterias open at 11 am.

Competition Officer: Martin Råholm

Speaker: Anders Vestergård


Information Officer: Camilla Svedberg-Smeds (e-mail: